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The game kick base is purely app based, there is no browser version. Each player participates in a League at least. Pro League is there any footballers only once, the League participants buy and sell among themselves the kicker. At the beginning, everyone gets a team randomly assigned and receives, after he has completed a tutorial, start capital. The transfer market is dynamic, you can therefore always offer players or buy - only during the Bundesliga matches, the transfer window is closed.
Hack clash of clans 2015
How do the points come about?

The points are completely based on live data of Statistikdienstleisters OPTA. Differently than at other online football manager games awarded the notes not by an editor. For this, the points are visible, in real time, while you have to wait a while for the editorial assignment.

How can you intervene during the season?

You can work on the team until shortly before the kickoff of the respective games. The only condition: all positions must be occupied at kick-off and you should not overstay his budget.

Kick base works with a freemium model. The basic game is free of charge, there is more data and features in the Pro version for 14,99 Euro a year.


Kick base is intended for football crazy and statistics lovers, just like Comunio. Priced, there is no essential difference between the two games. Kick base offers especially appealing graphics. At the end is probably crucial, which managers use the friends or colleagues.

Summed up: all featured online football manager can be played for free and work similarly. Who wants to invest a little time, should opt for the football game. Anyone wishing to take much influence during the season, is right at Comunio or kick base. Main difference here: Comunio forgives the Notes editorial kick base solely on the basis of game statistics.

What online football manager prefer - and why? Write it down in the Forum.

Gangplank is dead. A message is currently displayed "League of legends" players when they start the online game. The robber King Gangplank is one of many so-called champions, those figures, which can be in the team role in the battle.

Gangplank is died in the framework of the "League of legends"-back story, which is perceived by most players only at the margin. "Screaming and ringing bells switch over from the port city. The customer would spread like wildfire", stated in the relevant part of the story,"Gangplank is dead."
Of note in the game menu is noteworthy, because gangplank unlock settled by playing, on request also for real money. This means: who bought something for gangplank or one of several visually customized variants, has nothing at all at the moment in these investments.

In the network the "League of legends" players are divided, how she should deal with the news of the death: the fans are deprived of a character here all of a sudden? Is the story really so important that it must affect directly on the everyday game? And when and how to get her back gangplank?

The Bandit King as the undead come back?

It is likely that character death is a marketing activity of the manufacturer of riot games. So many players speculate that gangplank soon comes back - as the undead. If this is true, could for a few days to draw attention to the figure riot games and also their comeback makes sense justify. The theory fits, that there is already a spirit version of gangplank.
Hack clash of clans
Another indication is an opinion by riot games. It says pompously, the death of a champion is unprecedented, the company will take the incident not to lightly: "We advise all gangplank fans to remain calm until we can fully assess the situation for a few days."

The manufacturer "at this stage" will not deal with requests concerning money refunds. On Twitter, a Community Manager by riot Games writes: "if we disable a champion due to a bug, we say to you that gangplank is indeed dead."

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